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I’m a retired teacher and at the end of 2016, I will be 75 years old. We never know how much time we have; two of my wonderful children are deceased and to do the things we want to do, I advise everyone to have a goal and work towards that goal every day. There is no other way to work and this is my favorite quote:


"Never lose sight of your goal and never give up. Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan, 'press on' has solved, and always will solve, the problems of the human race."  - Calvin Coolidge; US President


And this is the other one:

“Be Sure You're Right, Then Go Ahead”  -  Davy Crockett; US Congressman, Tennessee


As a hobby in the mid 1990’s, I began working with a few former film and television students who could not secure good paying industry jobs. I helped them to create their video reels and find ways to finish the films that they had started. I quickly learned that the one thing they all needed was money to produce their projects in order to make them a reality and get known.

In 1997, I began to realize that had become a dinosaur because everything I taught in high school and college was suddenly being taught and done with computers and I did not know how to use the programs. Computers were being in art, advertising, architecture, printing, and I was still taking photography students into a dark room, mixing chemicals to develop film negatives and putting the dried negatives into an enlarger to make photographic enlargements. It seemed that the entire world changed when the Sony Mavica camera suddenly took photos without film and you could press a button and make B&W or color enlargements from a computer and a printer that used regular sheets of paper.

Teaching my last classes in 1998, and unable to secure a new teaching position because I did not know computer programs, I accepted a sales position working for Cablevision. I worked six days a week (and eight hours a day) to earn commissions from November 1998 until August 1999 selling Optimum Online, a cable-connected Internet provider service that was fifty times faster than a telephone connection. I sold the Optimum Online services but discovered that I could not receive any commissions because the program to pay me my commissions was faulty; it allowed workers in CSC Holdings, LLC to "convert" and take all my commissions.

The more I worked, the more my health rapidly began to deteriorate because no matter how much I sold or what I did, I could not get paid for the work I performed. I needed to keep my job because I wanted to earn the commissions and pay off my back child support so my ex-wife would let me see my son. No one except Cablevision CEO James Dolan could close the system down where I worked so I could be reassigned to another position and Mr. Dolan refused to do this because he had ulterior motives.

Mr. Dolan's goal was to keep building more Optimum Online kiosks and keep them open to show potential new customers how fast his new service was in order to sign up one-and-a-half-million customers paying a minimum of $30/month each ($45,000,000 per month cumulatively and $540,000,000 a year) before Verizon telephone could wire, advertise, launch, sell and install its new competing DSL Internet system.

Always promised by underlings in CEO James Dolan's company that I would be paid for the work I performed, I maintained my job but my condition deteriorated and I required a medical leave of absence. Cablevision never paid me for the work I performed and despite all the promises refused to schedule hours for me to return to my job after I became disabled on the job by the job and had recuperated enough to work the job I was hired to do after the the method of paying commissions had been changed.

Struggling to take my job back and collect something for all the work I had already performed, I found myself unable to function with recurrent major depression and PTSD and panic attacks or find work teaching. Nassau County VESID (Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities) awarded me a grant of thousands of dollars in 2001 to get re-trained and to learn computer programs at  Pratt Institute in lower Manhattan because I had been out of work for two years and if I learned the computer programs, I could start teaching again.

Unable to collect any money for all the work I performed working for Cablevision and suffering from the recurrent major depression, PTSD and panic attacks, I was forced to retire in 2002 so I could have a small income. In and out of the recurrent major depression forced upon me because no one would help me to recover the money I worked for, earned and was never paid, my friend Scott Wolpow set up a website so I could learn more about computers and how independent digital systems were changing the way new media content was created. In 2002, I began visiting website every morning, reading everything I could and them writing 4-6 blogs every day. I would write and publish 5000+ blogs from 2002-2009.

l continued to help my former students and other film, television, writer, actor, artist and young students interested in film and video production.  I helped them to secure small funds any way I could and to lower their budgets using the new media I researched and developed while writing my blogs. I took the idea of setting up digital production studios (or cells) in many different countries to insure the sale of my student’s completed work. The idea originally came from Osama bin Laden. My goal, however, wasn’t like his because I did not believe in killing people. Since 2002 and after two of my children died, this been my goal in life before I sleep forever goo.gl/5ypZos

I noted and learned that specializing in the highest quality (1080p and now 4k) and the lowest cost live-action, 2D/3D animation, CGI, SFX, compositing and motion graphics enabled digital filmmakers to produce first-rate short independent new media movies with high production value at the lowest cost. Today, I mentor, produce, collaborate, (and with our partners) business manage, raise funds, and/or lower costs as long as the high production value and quality of the onscreen images and sound is never compromised and the lower cost does not distract from the integrity of the characters, actors and story lines .


After sending 2D cell animation work to the Philippines in the mid 1990's using Gerry Garcia as director (not Jerry Garcia), Graphissimo and Lylofilm initiated outsourcing to India when the few studios there were all using cell animation. In early 2002, we persuaded seven studios in India to adopt Flash and 3D animation and eventually all India was learning 3D computer CGI and SFX. There are now 2000 3D studios in India alone that accept outsourcing.


SAY HELLO-After almost a hundred live-action music videos produced decades ago with students and Northeast Video and Sound, Inc., Simona Lyriti directed the first wonderful music video 2D animated in Chennai, India in 2002: goo.gl/m7LBW6

METHOD ACTING-the first of nine short 2D films animated in Ukraine for Cablevision and Rainbow Media’s Independent Film Channel in 2005: goo.gl/yfZEDb


My 2007 “george” article was published by Indie Movies Online at the Old Truman Brewery, London, UK and I was suddenly being called a "new media guru of sorts" (whatever that means). I worked out all the details about how Old Media would have to change to stay alive in a New Media age and I projected all the changes that would come, but most people laughed at me in 2007 because it also appeared that NM=NM (New Media = No Money). goo.gl/as89Od

By mid/late 2013, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg publicly agreed with me.  HOLLYWOOD IS DEAD: George Lucas and Steven Spielberg Say Movie Industry as We Know It Will Come to an End,” and many people thought that they were crazy also. “Will Independent Film Survive the Spielberg/Lucas Cinemapocalypse Prediction as Hollywood theatrical films become a ‘niche’ market?”  goo.gl/m9MWLI

When my students completed their projects, they all needed distribution and I started looking at all the different arenas. I’m now looking for partners and setting up distribution networks in many countries. Starting with music videos and short subjects, over the years 170+ completed and many award-winning projects have since premiered in theaters, on MTV, SpikeTV, CNN, IFC, British TV, Indian TV, Japanese TV, Pakistani TV, History and Cartoon channels, and also on the Internet.


I have accumulated 61 additional feature concepts and serialized projects (each with its own website-culled from 1200+ submissions during 16 years) including many in development that I have been mentoring and co-producing as independent new media films with young filmmakers in many countries. Just as with my former students, they all require funding and assistance to make their projects happen.


In 2015, I was dumbfounded to learn last summer (from a Beverly Hills producer I worked with) that both George Lucas and Steven Spielberg used at least one of my techniques to save over a hundred million dollars during 2007-2009.To be honest, the idea originally came from Jack Nicholson who claimed it originated with one of his lawyers who "helped" him out with a problem he had and I merely changed and adapted the concept to new media.


A young man, Zain who claimed he had never made a film before in his life, e-Mailed me saying he had taken an acting class and he wanted to make movies and become a famous director like Alfred Hitchcock. Zain wrote that he had no money, no job, no camera, no script and he lived in a very poor, corrupt country. I told him, "No Problem."


Because young girls in his country were being murdered in “honor killings” and forced to marry old men; jobs were hard to get without bribes; girls were not allowed out to get an education and radicals were blowing up schools killing over 150 children, Zain decided to take the initiative and make a film to change the way people in his country think.  At the end of last year, 2015, Zain e-Mailed me this wonderful message:


Dear My Respected Teacher ,

Film has Just Released and i am enjoying the success of my film, all over the multan film has just released and being watched on three local area cable network , its a great achivement for me that i was nothng but today I AM SOMETHING, everyone is supporting me that i am the one who took this initative.

Best Regarads, Zain, Your Student.


Malik Zain has shared the following video: "Nai Manzilain" ("MY PATH" or "MY DESTINATION") The English subtitled version was recently uploaded to youTube at:   goo.gl/b8MJR3


Most of the filmmakers I work with all need money and that is their primary goal in producing/directing/writing/acting/ and working on films. Zain was young and his goal was to make people aware of what he believes. I doubt he had any idea of what he could do. It appears that as many as three to seven million people may have seen his movie in Pakistan in the original Urdu and I am certain that some have changed the way they think.


I have had requests to sub-title the film in Hindi and Bengali for showing in India and Bangladesh. My dream was to get nominated for an Oscar and I understood that I probably would never win but that chance is temporarily gone until I can find people who will partner with me.


I thought the first person who messaged me from Africa was joking and I immediately deleted and lost the message but days later, I received this second e-Mail from Taiwan:


“First of all, I will tell all about your work.

I wholeheartedly support your goal.

You're on your way to receive a Nobel Peace Prize.

Thanks for attaching the bio sheet.”



I’m smart enough to know even if were nominated for such a prize I would never win, but I am intrigued and the possibility of being nominated suggested by two different people certainly has my attention.


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Stanley N. Lozowski


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