July 25, 2019

It is not easy for a company to succeed in a competitive marketplace.  It is especially tough for start-ups and early stage/emerging companies.

According to an article in the MIT Sloan Management Review, half of all start-ups fail by their fourth year and 70% by the tenth.  Ouch!   –   July 25, 2019     from ENLIGHTENED MANAGEMENT                 


HAVING THE CORRECT INFORMATION AT THE RIGHT TIME is worth more than HAVING A LOT OF MONEY. Producing the second part of a feature movie after you’ve had a hit with the first part of STAR WARS, ALIEN or AVATAR or after your first HARRY POTTER, GODFATHER, or THE GOLD COAST novel sold well, puts you at a distinct advantage and the opening shot fired by all start-ups is the most important.

It is a warm summer evening, and by the light of a full white moon, I, John Whitman Sutter, am watching my wife, Susan Stanhope Sutter, as she rides her horse Zanzibar across the quiet acres of Stanhope Hall, her ancestral estate.

The rising moon is eerily bright, and it illuminates the landscape with an unearthly glow, which transforms all color into silvery shades of blue and white.

Susan passes through a line of tall pines and enters a neighboring estate called Alhambra, and I wonder why she has trespassed on this property, and I hope she has gotten permission from Alhambra’s new owner, a Mafia don named Frank Bellarosa.


69 percent of U.S. entrepreneurs start their businesses at home and according to the National Association of Small Business’s 2017 Economic Report, the majority of small businesses surveyed are LLCs (35 percent). 

Starting with a worthless product; running out of working capital; and not having an experienced, knowledgeable team are the leading causes of failure.  

Top 10 causes of small business failure:

  • No market need: 42 percent;
  • Ran out of cash: 29 percent;
  • Not the right team: 23 percent;
  • Got outcompeted: 19 percent;
  • Pricing / Cost issues: 18 percent;
  • User un-friendly product: 17 percent;
  • Product without a business model: 17 percent;
  • Poor marketing: 14 percent;
  • Ignore customers: 14 percent; and
  • Product mistimed: 13 percent.

As for The Shindler Perspective

We have had a busy first half of the year attending CES, NAB, Digital Hollywood and with our regular client activities.

In the coming week, we’ll be at Siggraph 2019 in Los Angeles.  When it is in So Cal, it seems there is better attendance, more exhibitors and it is generally a better conference.  It will be good to see our friends, clients and others who will be attending.  We’ll be posting comments as we tour the exhibit hall.  Stay tuned.

This past week was the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.  We published a blog on the topic entitled Moon Landing – Stories Awaken.  Check it out.

Comics reflect reality 

Comics reflect reality – Enlightened management always wants to have a discussion with employees, but sometimes one side is talking and the other is not quite comprehending what is occurring as in this recent comic.

Dilbert has it right in presenting an alternate view of walking the factory floor with the company working smoothly with since so many employees work at home.

It’s reality – Just like Dagwood, we have all been there, done that, had an epiphany during the middle of the night, made notes to be read in the morning.

Everybody at all ages love comics.  See this Family Circus.

Never looking back

Since so many of us, especially Gen X and younger, read on digital devices, Pearson announced recently that they are now selling digital versions only of their college text books.

Marty Shindler

Chief Executive Officer

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Our CRYPTOCURRENCY LAUNCH process can be patented since nothing like this has been used for over a century and a half. Our process should greatly improve on TaTaTu's launch and success and our slate of 347 features (I've read 1200+ screenplays since I was disabled in 1999 after working for Cablevision and I selected the best 70). I've partnered with so many writers in so many countries our slate is now up to triple numbers. I will clearly run out of life long before I run out of projects to produce. 
GOOGLE:        TaTaTu  $575  Depp
I'm tired of working to take a "bridge loan" from producers I spoke with so my partner in Europe could have more time to put our project together; a couple mentioned they owned many Bitcoins. Reluctant to cash them in, they made hundreds of thousands of dollars during the last year and lost most of it at the end of 2018. I wish I had kept their names separate. That's what prompted me to learn and the more I learned, the more I investigated launching a new cryptocurrency because I HATE raising money to produce our large slate of features and TV shows.
My cousin owns a lot of stocks but he also wouldn't take a penny out of the market because he believes the market is going straight up to $50,000. He could be right. 
At the last BREAKTHROUGH WEALTH SUMMIT at the New York Marriott, I met Daymond John (Shark Tank) and Dave Seymour (Flipping Boston). They offered a $995 course to people who wanted to "flip houses" like they  do on television and  they would buy all the distressed real estate for 30% or less than the current valuations. ALL INVESTORS follow a program and all the sharks including Barbara Corcoran and Robert Herjavec would not invest in anything else. All the SHARKS swim together.
I know a doctor and a lawyer (brothers) who invest together in gold and they supposedly own 11,000 Maple Leafs, Pandas, Krugerrands and US gold pieces. They never sell any of them. They listen to Donald Trump and they also swear that gold will soon be $5000 and $10,000/oz and maybe President Donald is correct.

Donald Trump accepts gold bullion as lease payment rather than cash   


I own none of these things but in trying to secure $$$ for my partners, I couldn't believe how many people were buying Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. I knew nothing about Bitcoin years ago but I was told and assured that it was a scam. Could it be that it isn’t?
The younger producers I spoke with thought they were doing me a favor when they tried to persuade me to invest in Bitcoin. They swore I would make a fortune but I had no money to invest (I truly wish I did now) but I was never paid for all the work I did for Cablevision. Cablevision's billionaire CEO James L. Dolan allegedly decided to scam his workers and suppliers out of $222 million and Hahn and Hessen LLP failed to prove in a court of law that this was allegedly intentional.
I worked for the real Cablevision (CSC) and the dummy Cablevision (CEII) that was allegedly set up to fail so CEO James L. Dolan would never need to pay Hewlett Packard the $63 million it owed; Sony $31 million; the NY Yankees $1.4 million; and me for over a million in commissions allegedly never received during the two years I worked 8 hours a day, 6 days a week and engineered their Optimum Online system (thanks to the genius of my IT specialist, Scott Wolpow) to take in $7.7 billion during the almost two decades goo.gl/sOMOAz 
As a result, living in poverty and suffering major clinical depression, PTSD, panic and anxiety attacks and chains of physical accidents requiring surgeries allegedly caused by CEO James L. Dolan when his real (CSC) and dummy Cablevision (CEII) companies never paid me for the work I performed, my life was threatened twice. The second time I was locked in a room at Cablevision headquarters and told by a man (who claimed to be a bodyguard and the head of Cablevision security) that if I ever tried to talk with CEO James L Dolan again, they knew who I was and where I live and they would come for me when I least expected and no one would ever find my body for 50 years. Because I had no money to help them when they needed my help the most, two of my sons are now deceased. 
The Blockchain technology is public domain today and I was promised a great price when we're ready to development our cryptocurrency (it will take about 7 to 11 months). The producers I spoke with were all young and they claimed that  all paper fiat currencies without backing can and will collapse. Older producers trust the fiat currency that we currently have while the younger ones feel that their digital money will always retain high value.
I see the US dollar is very strong today but the young people claim that everything is going up in price because the dollar is constantly falling in value and our government will likely confiscate everyone's real wealth if and when it needs money to survive; it's done this before. Our country is trillions of dollars in debt that we can never repay and it continues to borrow and print trillions more. As long as  your stocks, gold and real estate go up ten or twenty fold, they claim that most people won't mind if the government suddenly takes half of everything or more in taxes because it needs the money. I'm hoping this will never happen, but possibly this is the plan.
We are already using electronic money with credit cards, EZ pass and so many other systems. Some people still buy paper books and others still use paper checks and money orders. Computers and the Internet have made paper and pencils obsolete and we can never go back. Electronic money on your cell phone with the Blockchain technology cannot be stopped according to Bill Gates. With thousands of IT developers on his team, I believe him more than any of the negative publicity about cryptocurrencies I read that's being circulated by the big banks who are afraid of losing what they have.
To explore and learn, Click on:
Bill Gates Interview - Bitcoin is Better than Currency - YouTube
Bill Gates interview: How the world will change by 2030 - YouTube
Fiat currencies and mainstream banks are unsafe. If something goes wrong, your money may be on the hook. The banks have little money to pay customers and if there was a run on the bank, they will lock their doors. Bitcoin is always open. As one analyst put it:
Bitcoin presented a choice that has never existed before. Its mysterious creator Satoshi Nakamoto described it as “a distributed system with no single point of failure” where “users hold the crypto-keys to their own money and transact directly with one another, with the help of the P2P network to check for double-spending.”
The white paper published under pseudonym was a promise. Bitcoin, which became operational in 2009, was its fulfillment. The promise was to build security through cryptographic proof, replacing third-party trust and creating networks resilient to counter-party risk.
The Internet has given us a collective means to exchange ideas and just like the Internet, Blockchain will inevitably rule the world. You can only stop both of them by stopping all the electricity and shutting down every computer in the world. Blockchain has the ability to put every bank, Visa, Mastercard, Western Union and all the accountants in every country to shame and out of business. It is inevitable that all governments will convert to this so they can have control over whatever you own.
Banks take several days and charge money, but Blockchain transfers money to anywhere in the world in seconds at little or no cost. All you need is a Wallet. As more and more large corporations and governments are accepting it, Bitcoin will continue going up and down and rising just like the stocks and gold. The COINexchanges works exactly like the stock market analyses. You buy when things start to go up and sell when it appears to have bottomed.
So many billionaires have already been made with cryptocurrencies and in addition, no government can touch what you own and no one can ever steal what you own unless they hack every single computer in the entire world. That's the strong case for Bitcoin. Banks can get robbed; employees can pilfer, books can be cooked and doors can be locked; but not with the Blockchain. Everything is fine with fiat currencies until the wealthy rulers allow and pressure their governments to manipulate the money to allow them to prosper more at the expense of the middle and lower classes.
I am uniting a dozen or more movie studios to network together (there is great power and strength with social media marketing, but only if you have great numbers) and we will all prosper by funding our future features with Blockchain. I'm offering studios the chance to network so we might produce dozens of features to have greater clout every year when we release and sell our slates at the best prices to the major distributors. Those who produce and sell single movies will likely take less and less. It takes just as much time to sell one feature as it does to sell two or three dozen.
I was told HEGIRA was a $900 million project and no one would take it, so I signed to produce it since we can soon have a funding COIN next year. My partner, John Mark, carefully looked over the project for me and told me it's only a $700 million project if the features are all shot together. I would love to see this happen.
MovieCOIN was the first cryptoCOIN offered for creating and funding feature movies. Started and developed in 2013 and launched at the very end of that year, in early 2014 MovieCOIN was posting and working to secure marketshare.
THE PAST ENABLES THE FUTURE! OLD NEWS FROM 2014: Do you want to watch a movie for free? Do you want to be a movie producer? Do you want your stories turned into a movie? Do you want to become one of the movie investors? Moviecoin would be the standard payment term for online videos/movies around the world. Come on! Join the Moviecoin!   Bitcoin MOVIE IPO: First movie about cryptocoin/bitcoin by ourselves!
Why moviecoin: There is still a long way for Bitcoin entering our real life. Compared with most of other altcoins which are just coins without any meaning, Moviecoin attempts from a smaller but interesting place--the movie world, and hoping to be the standard coin of it.
There are lots of potential use cases of moviecoin: Standard coin among movie websites/communities/stores CD/DVD/Poster trading Online movies Fans' activities Film voting Cinema tickets File producer Movie investors flat vs moviecoin: Moviecoin is safer and can finish the payment easier.
A simple example from our website: If you want to watch some online VIP movies/videos oversea, it's really inconvenient pay for them. Usually a credit card must be used which is unsafe and your personal information would be in risk. Moviecoin would change this situation and make people can enjoy excellent movies easier and faster around the world! Moviecoin vs bitcoin: Yes, bitcoin is the ancestor.
But Moviecoin is more focus on the movie specific world and would play a more professional role. It's kind of like we already have gold, but we still use USD/EUR/GBP. Our enlightening plan: All of the major online video/film vendors around the world. More detail will be added to our official website:  www.moviecoin.biz 
Mobile clients are under development
With little advertising dollars for promotion and publicity, the MovieCoin seems to have floundered. Trying and trying, I have been unsuccessful in contacting the developers.
MusiCOIN was launched on the 11th of February 2017 when the first block of MUSIC was mined. The MUSIC blockchain is a fork of the Ethereum blockchain and it was launched without an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).  A digital currency ($MUSIC) designed for musicians to be paid directly and instantly, without intermediaries 


http://www.tokendeck.io/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwyvXPBRD-ARIsAIeQeoEmcMcll2HTA9Yvx2_k0nuN5s_wycckT1kMxu7Wr_AtwQPw6q O8RwgaAk65EALw_wcB

I spoke with the MusiCOIN developers in Boston and as with many of the coins launched, MusiCOIN is slowly gaining marketshare but my feeling was that the developers lacked the promotional advertising and money required to enable it to reach its intended investor audience.  
Any new cryptocurrency must not only serve a unique purpose but also the advertising, promotion and publicity be able to reach its intended audience quickly in order to secure a high marketshare. There are presently dozens of new COINS being launched (20+ almost every month) but most fail to have a unique plan and purpose or the necessary amount of venture capital to promote and publicize them. Our currency (we haven't settled on a name yet) will not have these two major problems.
Connected with our landmark feature project to be filmed primarily in Europe in 8k IMAX resolution and in 3D, LISZT AND CHOPIN IN PARIS will have exceptional promotion and publicity from the very first day production starts and we will concentrate on advertising the fact that this start-up is the first movie funded with the new Blockchain technology.
MY GOAL is to see the LARGEST WORLDWIDE AUDIENCE EVER ASSEMBLED to view a motion picture BEFORE IT PREVIEWS. I am in talks with a PhD award-winning visionary, inspirational leading innovator, who has 20 years’ experience in senior management, innovation and design to maximize audience engagement and returns.  His five-year academic research study in audience engagement offers an innovative step change in consumer insights that can easily revolutionize filmmaking. 
The publicity for our new coin will be attached to all the publicity for our feature project giving our venture the added bonus of developing audiences prior to the feature movie, the TV series, the "500 years of World Music Global Tour". In addition, I see that our new cryptocurrency will be just as important in funding all our other entertainment projects and start-up projects as the new cryptocurrency being launched on November 15, 2017 that is intended to fund the OVERSTOCK.com expansion.
The OVERSTOCK initial Coin Offering is expected to be "the largest coin offering ever" and as such, it should generate $200 million to over one-half billion dollars. The 1300 digital coin marketplace is already a lot like the existing stock exchange with the exception that unlike the stock market, it is worldwide, transactions will happen immediately and it will never close. Be prepared to trade day or night as the digital token market becomes a lot more exciting than Wall Street.     
Overstock Unit Starting an Exchange for Digital Coin Trading:
Dozens of others now have similar plans but without sufficient monetary backing. Lacking a wonderful plan for implementation and a project on the scale of LISZT AND CHOPIN IN PARIS; THE QUEST TV series and the "500 years of World Music Global Tour" they likely will fade away.
We're planning to launch our new cryptocurrency in early 2020 before the summer. Art Thomas and I produced films in Africa.


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